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This term, is the term for Class, Team and School Speeches. My speech was on the downfalls of Social Networking Sites, like Bebo, Myspace and Facebook.

My Speech:

Pondering the Problems of Public Posting on Pages

Think carefully before you press the publish key on your social networking site – think Bebo, Facebook and MySpace. I know these web sites are really popular now but they can have disastrous effects on your future employment, invade your privacy, and endanger your personal safety.

Did you know that these days, prospective employers are looking at sites like MySpace and Bebo to find out who you are before they employ you?! Something you post and think of as funny when you are a teenager for instance, may not be so funny in a few year’s time, and it could cost you a job.

Everything you post is like a snapshot in time, and it’s easy to check what was on there a few days, months or even years ago. So think about the picture you are portraying because someone might be looking at you one day. And it’s not only things you post that can have effects on your future but the comments made by others.

If you know me, then you’ll know that I love computers. But I agree that owning a page on the web, especially the ever so popular Myspace and Bebo can have terrible consequences on your employment if you post inappropriate material. According to the NZ herald, a worker at the Warehouse was immediately dismissed after her boss read the comments that implied that she disliked her work, that she wrote on her Bebo page. Not very smart!

Few of us would be stupid enough to give out our personal info but what if it was given without our consent? In May of this year, many users of Bebo here in New Zealand were temporarily given access to full profiles of other users, grabbing information such as phone numbers and addresses. Over 20 different user accounts were made accessible, and some took advantage of the situation and uploaded dicey pictures onto their profiles.

You have to be so careful. Most web sites have advertising links on their web pages to make money, right? Well, a recent advertising link to MySpace was no exception. When you clicked on the ad you were directed to what looked like the login page for MySpace. Although the web page looked like the original, it was actually a fake. What happened on this fake web page is that when you logged in as usual, your email address and password were stolen.

Sites like these also make it easy for weirdos to get details from innocent people who share too much information. They pretend to be around your age to relate to you.

But, behind typed words could lurk anyone. For all you know, on the internet, I could be a 60 year old psycho man with rotting teeth and grey hair. The teenage boy or girl that you may think is cute, could be me, the “60 year old psycho man” but all you see are images I ripped off of Google.

Any of this could happen to you, you, you, or you, (point to 4 students) or even you (point to a teacher)! These are just some of the pitfalls of social networking sites. Users beware.

One of our assignments was a Poetry assignment. We had to write 10 poems, read 10 poems and find information on a poet. They all had to be different styles of poetry also.

This is one of the poems that I wrote. It has no name and it's Free Verse.

Tears of water splashing
Blank faces of pureness utterly deceive the world
As if they are oblivious to the surroundings
Of horror and pain
Hunger and terrorism
As these few drops aid another being with hydration
A sprinkling of showering drops
So peaceful and tranquil
As they live in their own world
Where everything is

We are also looking at the Olympics. They commence on the 8th of August at 20.08.08 o'clock.