On Learning:

I believe that teachers should make the change from worksheets and excercise books, to technology and teaching computer literacy. Our parents and teachers are the last generation to choose whether or not they will be computer literate, and if they chose to not be, their students will be unprepared, for the future. Children and teenagers nowadays have to be computer literate. Almost every occupation and career will require skill and knowledge, to do with using computers.

Almost every student I know, prefers using computer programs to complete excercises and activities. The days of activity sheets, excercise books and textbooks are over. We ALL should make the switch to computers today!

On e-Portfolios and Paper Portfolios

I personally believe that having an 'e-Portfolio' is a much better option, with the choice of a paper, or internet portfolio. With an e-Portfolio, you can have people from all over the world look, comment and give feed-back on your work. With a paper portfolio, you are restricted to having a 'triangulation', teacher, parent and student, maybe a relative or two to look at the folder.

The big difference between an e-Portfolio and a paper portfolio, is the fact that paper portfolios are filled with assesment and test results, but an e-Portfolio rather has feed-back, or feed-forward. I would prefer to have feed-back and what I could do better next time, rather than a selection of test results. The point of tests is to see how you have improved, but why not improve by receiving feed-back and feed-forward from students, teachers and parents alike from all around the world?