The Task:

Your task is to design a maths game.

This game will be designed to reinforce some aspect of mathematics, e.g. equivalent fraction, 24hour time, multiplication, using Pythagorus' Theorum, etc.

It should be a game for 2-8 players.

The medium you use for the game will be your choice.

For this task you will work in a group of between 2-4 students.

Your group will design and make the game, and record your processes on this wiki.

The game must be tested by your group, and you will reflect on how it meets the mathematical needs of the players.

This reflection and your self reflection will also go on this wiki.

On your own group wiki page you need to include:

1. The name of your game

2. The maths concept your game is reinforcing.

3. The rules of your game.

4. Your group reflection of the game after testing it.

5. How your game could be further developed or improved.

6. Personal reflections of each member of the task as a whole and how the group worked together.

As this is recorded on a website accessible anywhere, you may continue this task at any time.

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