For Literacy this term, our class is doing Literature Circles. My group's book is While I Live, The Ellie Chronicles by John Marsden.


Our class has made History Roads of our lives. We started off by brainstorming important and memorable events, then choosing 10 of the most important, narrowing it down to 7 and thinking about what we will be doing in 10 or 15 years time.

We are also looking at recounts and their structures. We are writing recounts for Piha and Swimming Sports and recording them using an interview format.

Swimming Sports Recount

Sir Edmund Hillary Bio-Poem

Sir Edmund,

Persisting, Knighted, Explorer, Risking,

Son of Percival and Gertrude,

Lover of Louise, June and Children,

Who felt shy, but strong and became confident,

Who needs the outdoors, expeditions and climbing,

Who fears failure, poverty and deprivation of human rights,

Who gives life, help and whatever he can,

Who would like to see Louise, Belinda and Peter,

Resident of New Zealand,

Hillary – A Knight of NZ