Our Team is studying Kiwiana and The Arts. We learnt about Kiwiana and what makes our country unique. To show some of the many items of Kiwiana, I made a photo album. I made a kete also, a Maori woven flax bag, with painted Maori patterns, paua shell and feathers. Inside of this bag, I put Fact File cards with pictures of Kiwiana with written explanations.

For The Arts, our Team had a taste of Dance, Drama and Music, and then went on to choose one of these three that you would like to continue with for a number of weeks. I chose Dance, because I am passionate and enthusiastic about it. We presented our dance to the Team and parents on Friday, November 30th.

You can listen to the piece of music we remixed here:

Click here to get your own player.

We have also been looking at Myths and Legends. I have read many myths and legends from all over the world, and have done various activities on them.

My Kete


Tasks: Kete


Kete - Teacher Feedback

The feathers around the top of your woven bag were very effective. The paua shells complemented the overall presentation together with the Maori patterns. The information cards were detailed. Well done.

Tasks: Myths and Legends


Myths and Legends - Teacher Feedback

Your work is beautifully presented. Your writing and artistic presentations reflect your clear understanding of the texts read. You have put a lot of effort into completing this reading contract.