This year, we have worked on many large projects, such as Science Fair, Speeches, 17 Day Differences, Maths Teaching Project, Issues Unit and more!


I am part of the Media Crew this year, and I love every minute of presenting broadcasts, using hi-tech equipment and teaching others about ICT.


I presented as the Keynote Presenter with Jess at the i Learn e Learn we Learn Conference!

I thoroughly enjoyed Science Fair, and I am going to the inter-school Science Fair for my project on Cafe Table Bacteria. I learnt a lot from this project, and I suggest not using a knife and fork placed on a cafe table, even with a high rating! This is my Science Fair Weebly.

This week, I presented my Speech on the pitfalls of Social Networking Sites. I am passionate about this topic, as there are so many reasons NOT to have one, and not so many reasons to have one!

Read my 2nd Place Speech!

A comment from Mrs Shearing